New in 2018!

 Educate, Engage and Be Inspired by the Cruising Innovations Theater-Open to All Attendees 

With over 80 new ships in development, cruise lines are keen to differentiate themselves from the competition by featuring cutting-edge trends and innovations related to culinary, design, entertainment, technology and more.

The Cruising Innovations Theater, located in the Grand Ballroom, will feature interactive and experiential sessions in a variety of on-demand topics, in a live setting where the industry executives are eager to learn and interact. 

Register today and gain access to:

Enhancing Your Brand with Art and Interior Design – Defining ROI

Art and design is critical element that can make or break ship design but art can also play a role as part of your overall investment with tangible returns. Learn how our design experts are viewing art and design as a return on investment rather than an expense. Hear more about: 

  • "The DaVinci Code– How art communicates to different people in different cultures
  • Crowd Control – How to strategically guide guests to go places with smart art placement
  • Payback – Ways to turn your art investment into an on-board revenue maker


  • Tal Danai, Founderr & CEO, ArtLink
  • Fredrik Johansson, MA - Owner/Executive Project Director, Tillberg Design of Sweden


  • Nate Storey, Travel Editor, Surface


The End of Cruise Ship Entertainment

Discover how leading cruise lines are going beyond the traditional stage performance to weave authentic entertainment into the fabric of the guest experience. Hear from leading trendsetters about designing impactful moments tailored to new audiences.


  • Nick Weir, Vice President of Entertainment, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines


  • Joshua Belz, Principal, Spark
  • Charly McDonald, Principal, Spark


Enhancing the Onboard Culinary Experience 

Culinary options onboard are more sophisticated than ever and as cruise lines turn to experienced chefs and partnerships, we are seeing a wider range of options incorporating more local, fresh and healthy ingredients. Come hear, see and taste the latest in culinary innovation during this interactive cooking session with our surprise guest chef!



Top Travel Bloggers Speak Out

Leading cruise travel bloggers share the latest trends and cutting-edge insights from recent global travels. Learn what makes a destination stand out, what makes for good blogging content, how to leverage travel bloggers to boost your brand and how they keep what followers coming back for more.


  • Johnny Jet, Founder,
  • Nancy Schretter, Founder & Managing Editor, Family Travel Network & President, Beacon Group Holdings, Inc. 


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