Meritech is a premiere provider of employee hygiene solutions. Meritech manufactures CleanTech fully-automated handwashing and footwear hygiene systems used in a variety of industries including food processing, food service, cleanrooms and cruise lines. The 12-second automated handwash, sanitize and rinse cycles guarantee a 99.98% removal of pathogens while using less water than manual handwashing.

MCOMS is a leading IPTV solution provider for the Hospitality and Cruise Industry, with a strong presence in North America, MEA, Europe and APAC.  MCOMS designs, develops and operates advanced IPTV, VOD, Mobile, Internet and Signage solutions for Smart TVs, Non Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Monitors!

Uponor is a leading international provider of plastic piping systems for buildings, infrastructure and marine applications. We provide safe drinking water delivery systems, energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure solutions. We are committed to sustainability and solutions that enrich people’s way of life. This is how we build confidence.

The Sofidel Group, a privately held company owned by the Stefani and Lazzareschi families, is a world leader in the manufacture of paper for hygienic and domestic use. Founded in 1966, the Group has subsidiaries in 13 countries. Sofidel is on the AFH market with the Papernet brand. Papernet’s products feature paper technology designed to sanitize pipes and sumps to reduce blockage; paper that breaks down quickly when it comes into contact with water; paper that expands when it is used to improve performance; and other unique solutions within the industry.