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If LinkedIn Came to Life (Only Better): Seatrade Cruise Global 2019

 “It’s all about who you know…and knowing the right people…and they’re all here!” 

 A click can mean a connection, but where does it go from there? Seatrade Cruise Global participants know that the networking opportunities they find here are unique. Meaningful, engaging, lasting and above all, enjoyable. “Like a reunion,” people say. And this year, we are harnessing all of that potential like never before. Think of it as if LinkedIn came to life in Miami Beach, only way, way…way better. 

1. A Real Social Network

11,000+ like-minded individuals from 130+ countries, representing 70+ cruise line brands and 700+ exhibitors with 95+ hours of dedicated networking opportunities built in to a four-day program. 

Staggering, yes. Overwhelming, no. Our algorithm for networking success is built on 35 years as the home of the cruise industry. Feedback from participants is used with laser focus to improve the next year’s event effectiveness. Our return to Miami Beach and its completely renovated, state-of-the-art convention center will do just that. Organic networking and welcome areas will foster the casual connection, in addition to the more formalized networking opportunities. 

Add in parties and happy hours, the beauty of Miami Beach, and you are as close as possible to blending the excitement of being on a cruise with the value of participating in what industry leaders call the most beneficial event of the year. 

2. Content You Can Use

Your feed won’t get flooded at Seatrade. The 2019 program is packed with over 50 hours of industry-spanning presentations and discussions—a masterclass delivered by cruising stalwarts and fresh new voices at the forefront of cruising. Every aspect of the industry is covered—from marine safety to digital marketing to interior design and well beyond—and sessions are organized so that you can choose according to your interests. 

The complete program features strategic thought leadership discussions, focused cruise segment content, port and destination highlights, and the latest in innovation and technology. They’ll impart unbiased wisdom and objective best practices to keep your operation desirable, competitive, and focused on the future. (No simple forwarding here.) 

 3. Tangible Outcomes

Enough scrolling. Seatrade will take you beyond cursory understanding with the ability to vet, quality test, brainstorm and really get to know a brand and its people through meaningful interactions. 

Looking for a food vendor you know can deliver the goods? Join them in cooking demonstrations and tastings in the Promenade, our new Hotel Operations & Concessions Neighborhood. Interested in advancing your interior design…or showing it off? Brand activations and experiences run the gamut, and Seatrade Cruise Global gives participants a running start into their next great innovation. 

 4. Better Connected Than Ever

OK, so Seatrade 2019 won’t be without technology—and for good reason! This year’s event will also feature a mobile app, created specifically to improve connectivity among participants, and includes a social feed and messaging, to make meetups even easier. You’ll be able to create custom schedules, navigate the show floor with ease, and connect with potential partners during and after the event.