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5 Ways to a Greener Future at Seatrade 2019


5 Ways to a Greener Future at Seatrade 2019


Not since the 1920s and the transition from coal to diesel and oil has the cruise and shipping industry seen so great a shift in fuel sources. But the transition to liquified natural gas (LNG), solar, and more efficient power systems are just the start of an industry pushing towards more across the board environmentally conscious innovations. Here are five examples, and the participating vendors at Seatrade 2019 that are leading the way.


  1. FUEL – As of July, 2018, there were 19 new builds on order that will use liquified natural gas (LNG) for propulsion. The results will be a CO2 emission reduction of approximately 85% over standard diesel engines. Lower sulfur emissions as well. Other companies are exploring wind, solar, or systems to run more efficiently and cleanly. Even the type of paint used on hulls can make a difference.
  2. WATER TREATMENT – Water treatment is essential to a cruise ship’s environmental responsibility and improved technologies are essential to meeting and exceeding increasing standards. Industry leader Scanship will be at booth 1893 to share their waste processing and wastewater purifying technology installed on over half of all newbuilds between 2014 and 2020. Or visit Englosol at booth 2409, to learn about water filtration, purification and disinfection solutions for a wide range of applications.
  3. AIR QUALITY – While the average cruiser’s carbon footprint is higher than when on land, cruise lines are actively working to reduce CO2 emissions with energy efficient solutions. Many have partnered with NCE Maritime CleanTech, who will be presenting solutions towards a zero emissions future for the cruise industry at booth 1355. In addition to more environmentally friendly fuel and power sources, companies like Multistack at Booth 1495 will be showing off HVAC systems that use fewer greenhouse gases and embrace alternatives to fossil fuels.
  4. WASTE MANAGEMENT – From hazardous waste to food to domestic waste, a cruise ship must manage its waste efficiently and conscientiously. While reusable technology and streamlined systems are, onboard composting, companies are working to reduce this in creative and innovative ways. You’ll be able to see the full range, from large scale waste-to-energy systems like PyroCore, booth 2448, to simply, small solutions that add up, like reusable and recyclable printer ink cartridges from Epson.
  5. SINGLE USE PLASTICS – Large cruise lines like MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line are joining smaller expedition lines Hurtigruten and Lindblad Expeditions in eliminating single-use plastics—a shift goes beyond straws. 


In addition to the array of exhibitors, panel discussions will also shed light on regulatory environment developments, air quality initiatives, waste management programs, and energy efficiency innovations. Panelists include Gavin Allwright, Secretary of the International Windship Association (IWSA) Carl Berglund, Head of Sales-Maritime, Climeon, and Bud Darr, EVP Maritime Policy and Government Affairs at the MSC Group. 

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