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What is Exciting in Luxury Cruise

We recently caught up with Jacqueline Gifford, editor in chief of Travel + Leisure, to chat about what’s exciting in the luxury cruise market. Check out what she says are the hottest trends in this segment and why they’re here to stay.

Seatrade Cruise Global 2019

At Seatrade Cruise Global we work hard to bring together every facet of the industry. With networking events, free show floor education, a massive trade show hall and more you are bound to discover the missing piece to your business. But don't just listen to us - hear it from the attendees themselves!

Where Do the Ships Go?

With over 100 new ocean going cruise ships on order, I’ve heard it said that since the world is over 70% ocean, there’s plenty of space. Of course it’s true, cruise ships need water, but equally as important, they need ports and destinations. No matter how exciting each new ship is, the question everyone asks before booking is, “where does it go?”

Seatrade Cruise Global 2019

Seatrade Cruise Global 2019 came and left, but the learnings we got from it will be with us forever. Check out what you missed during our four explosive days, directly from Chiara Giorgi, Seatrade Cruise Global, Brand Director and Andrew Williams, President Maritime Group, Informa Markets.

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: The Producers Group

The Producers Group (TPG) is a premier provider of production and design services for destination attractions worldwide. TPG specializes in turnkey attractions, production management, technical design, and content development for everything from small projects to entire theme parks. For inquiries, contact The Producers Group at [email protected].

Hamburg; The Next Destination.

Michael Otremba, Managing Director Hamburg Tourist Board & Hamburg Marketing gives us the inside scoop as to why Hamburg is THE next destination. Check out why everyone has Hamburg on their bucket list.

Maximizing The ‘Before You Board’ Experience

The Power of a Travel Communications Platform
Sale and sail—the two most celebrated moments in the cruise industry’s customer journey. But what is a journey with a beginning, end, and a so-so middle? What about the customer experience between booking and embarkation?
Armed with a new communications solution, innovative cruise companies are now learning that the customer journey doesn’t have to ebb and flow. Rather, it can gain momentum over time, shattering the long-held standard that the transactional “in between” period is less valuable than its counterparts.

Changing the Industry, One Woman at a Time.

One thing about the cruise industry that goes without saying: it’s one of the most forward thinking and rapidly evolving industries in the world. Not only is customer experience at the forefront of innovation, but also the professional experience – from building a more inclusive work environment to creating a positive impact on the world through sustainability.

Pro Tips from Nike's own Patrick Frost

Wellness and health have become a major concern for both business and leisure travelers. See below for advice from Patrick Frost, Master Trainer at Nike and Barry’s Bootcamp, for how to make healthy choices while at sea, as well as during your trade show experience at Seatrade.

Your Next Water Solution; LiquiTech

Looking for your next onboard water solution? LiquiTech gave us the inside scoop on how their water solution is perfect for your cruise line.

New Port? No Problem. (…If you follow these keys to success)

The cruise landscape is always changing. With new competition, traveler trends, and even regulations, comes the growth of new ports. But the charge to engage these new ports as opposed to those tried and true isn’t without its challenges. So, how do companies ensure that everyone involved comes away happy for years to come?

Here, Liz Gammon, general manager at TVG Travel in Iceland dishes on her keys to new port success, and gives us a preview of the program, New Ports and Destinations: Get Out There; Get Noticed; but Above All, GET READY!

Reducing energy consumption: what’s next?

Currently, reducing the energy consumption on board passenger vessels is a hot topic. It is known that HVAC is one of the largest energy guzzlers on board of these type of ships. And with a growing focus on the environment and operational costs, it is an exciting time to work in the marine HVAC business. In lowering the energy on board via HVAC we are already quite far and can promise a big reduction. For more information about this issue, I would like to invite you to our Seatrade stand 1594. In this blog I will try not to talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, neural nets and other modern concepts. Which savings topics will come up next?

FarSounder; Navigating Your Ship with Confidence

What are the factors a cruise line needs to look at in order to determine if their ships would benefit from Forward Looking Sonar? How are today’s technological advancements driving tomorrow’s ships? How does the design and chosen equipment aboard effect a passenger’s experience? These are all the questions we've asked #STCGlobal exhibitor, FarSounder. Discover what they have to say now.