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FarSounder; Navigating Your Ship with Confidence

What are the factors a cruise line needs to look at in order to determine if their ships would benefit from Forward Looking Sonar?

The world’s oceans and the environments they encompass are vast and varied. Safely navigating through them requires a multitude of considerations. Taking a passenger ship into an area where bottom contours shift, and charts are not easily updated is risky. In addition, there may be icebergs, lost shipping containers or storm debris in the water column. An effective way to know what is ahead while underway is making an investment in a navigational forward looking sonar.  

How are today’s technological advancements driving tomorrow’s ships?

Many cruise operators feel pressure to raise the bar, especially in the expedition cruise segment. Companies are looking to go the extra mile to offer experiences that others cannot. The only way to safely achieve this is by including the latest technologies. Taking cruising to the next level is quintessential to success in expeditionary cruising as customers are looking for cutting-edge, experiential cruising.

How does the design and chosen equipment aboard effect a passenger’s experience?

As the cruise lines answer the call and begin to visit fascinating new destinations, they need to have the latest technology in navigation. Choosing to incorporate equipment like FarSounder’s 3D Forward Looking Sonar gives the crew insight into what is under the water in real-time to help deliver extraordinary experiences while limiting risk to the ship, passengers, and crew.  

With sustainability being top of mind for the entire cruise industry, how do you see ship equipment and ship building contributing to these efforts? 

Keeping accidents at bay is key to keeping our oceans clean and safe for wildlife. Prevention of groundings and collisions means less oil spills and damage to coral reefs and other habitats for wildlife.  The best way to prevent these dangerous situations is with a FarSounder Forward Looking Sonar. It gives the crew the ability to look ahead underwater and to see hazards in time for the crew to make course corrections.

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