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Pushing the Onboard Experience One Glass of Wine at a Time

We asked Wineschool3 about how they are catering to the many demographics that enjoy cruising.  Discover what they had to say now. 

With cruise lines constantly pushing the boundaries of onboard experience, how is your company evolving to support these changes? 

Wine classes are a sensory experience. The visual aesthetics of the wines, the smell evokes memories, the taste brings pleasure, the touch is sensual and the sound of a sparkling wine popping evokes happiness. The customer should be able to engage in knowledge that will intimately enhance their dining experiences.

With sustainability being top of mind for the entire cruise industry, how do you see hotel operations and concessions contributing to these efforts?

The industry is becoming more aware of climate change and the effects in the environment. Companies want to limit their carbon footprint, and as a company we’re working towards reducing waste by using recyclable and reusable products. Wineschool3 has an element in the courses which talk about how we are able to be sustainable in the future with new practices and slight changes to our daily life.

Today’s passengers range from luxury travelers, to family travelers, to millennials and more.  How can cruise lines utilize different hotel operations and concessions trends to tailor to them?

Wineschool 3 products are dynamic and can be tailored to the customers who are a novice or to the expert. Education is not defined by a specific category, and at wineschool3 we make education of our products accessible to every genre (alcohol age limits apply) and segment of the population.

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