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Seatrade Cruise Global: Best in Class Hospitality

Are the rooms clean, comfortable, and stylish? Do the amenities make a lasting impression? How about the food and drink—are the options, tastes, and flavors commensurate with the lavish surroundings?

When you get down to the things that can really satisfy cruise passengers and make or break the experience, it’s often really as simple as the quality of the rooms and food.

The fact is, the majority of cruise goers are looking to get away. They crave a respite from the monotony and stress of their fast-paced lives. So it’s imperative that the accommodations featured aboard today’s ships are nothing less than divine.

Take the Ritz Carlton’s new luxury superyacht, for example. Created in collaboration with maritime experts Douglas Prothero and Lars Classen, it’s been designed with the unique knowledge of the guest experience translated from hotel to cruise ship, including lighting, materials, and linens as well as open and shared space architecture.

From durable, thoughtfully-designed cabin decor to the most mouth-watering (and increasingly healthy) food and beverage options to restorative spa experiences, onboard oxygen bars, fitness innovations, and more—this is what today’s cruisers demand.

In fact, at last year’s Seatrade Cruise Global (SCG), the number of attendees seeking suppliers in:

  • Hotel Operations & Concessions grew 35%
  • Food & Beverages grew 42%
  • Retail/Retail Services grew 57%
  • Wellness grew 30%

 At SCG 2020, suppliers in these sought-after sectors will once again have access to The Promenade—a Neighborhood on the show floor dedicated to all things hospitality. It’s a place that welcomes prominent cruise leaders and interested buyers specifically looking for innovations and must-haves like delicious food and beverage options, linens and cleaning supplies, luxurious retail and spa merchandise, and more.

Complete with tastings, live demos, a central lounge for networking, and private meeting rooms, it’s easy to see why The Promenade is among the event’s most popular and heavily-trafficked destination. 

Contact me today to be a part of Seatrade Cruise Global and save your spot in The Promenade.