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Solaire; Changing the Way We are Approaching Ports.

Solaire Cruise Port is changing the way we're thinking about ports - it's more than just the place we go to before we board our cruise, it's where our vacation actually begins. With offerings like shopping, broadway shows, and more Solaire Cruise Port is one destination you don't want to miss out on.  

What was the inspiration behind the new Solaire Cruise Port? How does Solaire’s experience in hospitality affect the way that this new port was designed?

The Philippines has been described by cruise lines as the Caribbean of Asia. This project will be the first dedicated cruise port in Manila and Philippines. Timing-wise, this is an extraordinary opportunity to capitalize on the explosive growth of cruise in Asia Pacific. 

Solaire is located within the touristic Entertainment City Zone in Manila and is ranked 5 Stars by the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide. The cruise terminal is part of an effort to build a critical mass of visitors this zone and push it to be one of Asia Pacific’s top tourism destinations.Note that this is already a highly successful integrated resort. The cruise terminal is simply a natural but no less compelling extension of its offerings. When we produced our master plan, we kept in mind that the terminal itself must be a living, breathing part of our hospitality, not just some operational structure that’s been tacked on. 

Safety and security is constantly top of mind for passengers. What steps are you taking to ensure that your passengers feel safe while waiting to set sail? 

New Cruise Centers being built today have the advantage of designing and incorporating the terminals & piers to have the latest in passenger & baggage scanning technology whilst ensuring an efficient process. Given that the Solaire Cruise Centre is within the Solaire Resort, safety & security standards are already at a world standard with multiple scanners and checkpoints at key areas. The resort also has periodical inspections covering health, safety, security and environment which we utilize to elevate our processes, equipment and personnel.  

How do you anticipate Solaire Cruise Port influencing the way cruise ports are created/renovated in the Asia region and across the world? 

We believe that this project will make more investors consider cruise as a major enhancement for a waterfront development, but also serve as a benchmark particularly in Asia about what such a development needs to have at the base level in order to make the combination a success. Even with the past growth, cruise is still very new in Asia and the development of terminals has not always been an organic extension of existing public spaces the way they have been in the top tier cities of Europe, for example. Too often, despite some interesting designs, they are sterile, lifeless facilities simply because they only exist to bring cruise to the city and nothing more. We hope to set an example of how this need not be the case.

Cruise ports are the first part of the cruising experience. How are ports taking steps to ensure passengers experience is seamless from when they enter the port, enjoy their voyage, return to the port, and leave the port?

Solaire is already a successful tourism product in itself. The property highlights, The Theatre, that has staged some of the world’s most sought-after musicals to name a few, Les Misérables, Wicked, Singing In The Rain, Lion King, and Phantom of the Opera. The Shoppes houses the most coveted European luxury designer labels, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, BVLGARI, Givenchy and Salvatore Ferragamo, and counting. Present are also highly regarded brands like Rimowa, Tumi, and Hong Kong jewelry powerhouse Luk Foook which is the first in the Philippines. To cater to the diverse clientele, has 15 excellent dining options where they dine according to what their palette is accustomed to. These also include the Cigar Bar and The Macallan which offers top-of-the-line whiskeys, liquor and creative cocktail drinks. 

A popular establishment which not many know about is The Sky Range Shooting Club where enthusiast can practice their aim.

The level of service provided by our staff is world class – the famed Philippines hospitality with a global standard of quality. This gives us a healthy advantage in that the level of hospitality a passenger encounters never diminishes the moment they leave their ship, as this is what we’ve always been about. We’ve ensured in our design that the flow never leaves the resort environment, and every creature comfort that passengers may need is within short walking distance.

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