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TEASER ALERT: Investment Analyst Future Outlook

We sat down with Peter Shaerf, Managing Director of AMA Capital Partners, and moderator on our Investment Analysts Future Outlook session. He gave us an inside look on everything that the panelists will be discussing at this years #STCGlobal, with a teaser on what exactly they'll be discussing during their action packed session. 

With over 100 ships in the current orderbook, what we reached saturation in the industry? Do you see there still being room to grow? 

Our analysts are by and large pretty bullish on the growth of the industry and the capability of the lines to absorb new customers. Our panel will look at some  of the financial matrices of the large public companies and perhaps from that we can draw some interesting views. Capacity which is expected to grow at 6-6.5% through 2020 is fixed and demand for now seems robust. An area we will explore.

With current cruising trends headed in the more niche direction, do you see cruise lines beginning to consolidate? In your opinion, do you see cruise line consolidation as a pro or con for the industry?

Overall there has been much consolidation in the sector over the past years. Shipping per se and cruise shipping in particular is a very capital intensive business and access to money becomes harder and harder for smaller operators. Whilst there has been some significant private equity coming into the space this has mainly been for small brands so the larger companies that are able to use their stock as currency and easily access the bond and debt markets are likely to be prime movers in consolidation.

The industry is seeing an uptick in cruise line consolidation, with an increase of luxury brands.  What do you think is crediting this recently change?

Luxury branding seems to be at the forefront and the panel will discuss this , I hope in some depth. I have spent myself a considerable amount of time in this area and do see , with the entrance of the afore mentioned private equity and the need to explore new markets especially for the millennial passenger that this is likely to be a path forward for many operators

How do you see the industry changing in the next 5-10 years? What changes can we expect to see with in consumer trends and cruise line consolidation, if any?

Come and hear what the panel has to say!! Cruising will continue to grow in popularity and the lines will create more and more capacity and newer and more modern products. The challenge will always be to use the worn clichés, the balance between the reinvention of the wheel and not killing the golden goose of the moment!

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