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A World of Possibility, All on One Floor: Inside Ports and Destinations at Seatrade

In the canon of great travel tales, you may have missed the one about the cruise industry delegation from New York. Sent for meetings in Panama, they got a taste of opportunities in the rain forest and the Canal, met with local leadership and made plans for future exploration. Satisfied, they left for London, Indonesia, Qatar, Buenos Aires…and they walkedthe whole way. All before happy hour.

So, Seatrade 2019 might not generate the wildest travel tales ever, but only here can a journey of 1,000 miles be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Nearly half of the expansive show floor will be dedicated to Ports & Destinations. Participation means the opportunity for interdepartmental team members to interact with shoreside experts as a single brain trust on an unprecedented scale.

How often can cruise lines connect with representatives from over 130 countries, including—for the first time—India? Cities like Shanghai will also be represented for the first time as well.

Successful companies know that the right onshore partnerships can mean success for everyone involved. It’s one thing to name a new port or destination on an itinerary. But what are the keys to happy guests, revenue for all the players, a supportive local community? To answer those questions, we’ve put together a New Ports and Destinations Panel, which will feature Liz Gammon, General Manager at TVG Travel, Darius Mehta, Vice President Cruise Reservations, Land & Air at Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, and Michael Pawlus, Director of Strategic Itinerary & Destination Planning at Azamara Club Cruises.

You’ll also hear from experts like Carmen Morosan, Global Shore Excursions Manager at Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services on delivering the most authentic and exclusive experiences to set yourself apart from the market.

And where is the market going? The program also includes state of the industry trend discussions and presentations on the rise of the pacific coast—from Alaska to South America. Asia Pacific as well. Or the Caribbean, where exciting new plans are underway to usher in a new era of cruising.

Even the slightest itinerary innovation can lead to a sea change in operational efficiency, marketing power, and traveler enjoyment. The best start at Seatrade.

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